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  • Comprehensive legal and consulting assistance in the employment of athletes, coaches, top managers (including drawing up and signing an employment contract)
  • Legal assistance to athletes, coaches, agents and organizations in the Sports Court and other dispute resolution organizations
  • Legal assistance to the athlete in the Anti-Doping Committee RUSADA, CAS/TAS
  • Preparation of constituent documents of sports organizations and regulations
  • Development of corporate acts (regulations, instructions) of sports organizations
  • Legal assistance in the field of intellectual property in sports (brand management)
  • Expert assistance in concluding transfer agreements on the transitions of athletes, including international transfers
  • Development of contracts with the staff of sports organizations (managers, coaches, general managers, doctors, masseurs, judges, etc.)
  • Resolution of disputes through mediation
  • Legal support of business transactions of sports organizations
  • Representation of the interests of sports law subjects in relations with trade unions, agents
  • Accompaniment of transactions of sportsmen on acquisition of property, conclusion of advertising contracts
  • Providing legal assistance to directors and general managers of sports clubs in recovering damages caused by the adoption of management decisions
  • Providing legal assistance to the management of professional clubs during different inspections
  • Package of services “Family lawyer of an athlete”
  • Other legal and sports issues.